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Want to give your business space attractive lobby signs to inform your clients and visitors about your brand?

At Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics, we can give you the best Kansas City lobby signs that will reflect your brand personality. No matter what industry you belong to or what type of lobby signs you need, we definitely deliver and match them to your preferences and budget. We also have several materials available to provide you with the best type of lobby sign that will last long and showcase your message clearly.

Here below are the types of lobby signs we can make at [company]:

  • Metal Lobby Signs – Made from a durable metal such as copper, aluminum, brass, and steel. Can be done in a polished or brushed finish.
  • Acrylic Lobby Signs – Durable glass which is available in either colored or clear format
  • Backlit Lobby Signs – Signs that come with energy-saving LED backlighting or Neon look
  • Cut Vinyl Lobby Signs – Cheapest lobby signage available and perfect for displaying full-color graphics
  • Wood Lobby Signs – Made from durable wood and can be beveled, live edge, or plain format
  • Foam Lobby Signs – Made from metal or acrylic to achieve a 3D effect

Aside from designing these signs, we can manufacture, install, repair, and maintain them through the help of our in-house maintenance team. This reduces your worries about having to get another signage from a different company.

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Lobby Logo Signs

Attractive Lobby Sign

If you want to display your brand proudly, you need to show it through your Kansas City lobby signs. When you reach out to our team, we’ll design the perfect lobby sign that displays your brand and identity. Our team will also consider your industry, what type of material should be used to make the most appealing lobby sign, and what budget you have for it.

We can also update your current lobby signs if you wish, as well as repair and maintain them for a very reasonable price.

Cohesive Business Signage Collection

Attractive Custom Lobby SignWe don’t just do Kansas City lobby signs at [company]. We can also work on other business signs that you may need for your business. From building signs, ADA signs, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and more, we can easily make them for you.

After your initial free consultation, our staff will visit your site to determine how to design your signage and display your message proudly. We know the importance of your signage for your business, and we guarantee that the ones we make are worth every money you invested in them.

Free Lobby Sign Consultation

Kansas City, KS sign companyWe are a Kansas City, KS sign company that makes the best lobby signs you will see in the region. Our team is always on standby to take your inquiries so let us transform your signage and graphics to ones that will help your business grow.

It all starts with your call!

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